Shit just got serious!

So I’m just back from our first year abroad meeting; initial reaction – shiiiiiiiit! The application process to become a language assistant is quick, scarily quick (my forms will be on the British Council’s desk on December 3rd!) and it turns out the whole thing is competitive now, which means there’s a chance that I could still be shipped off to a university somewhere in the German-speaking world. As much as I love analysing the subcontexts of 18th-century literature, I’m sick of studying so the stakes are high!

“Fuck this, I’m going to play!”

So now I’ve got a few weeks to decide where I want to go. I get 3 choices and I can only pick one major city, which I’m pretty sure will be Berlin. That leaves the other two – ah. I’ve been to Germany 6 times, 5 of which were to Berlin so I’m pretty much clueless when it comes to the rest of the country. All I know is I’d like to go somewhere where the accent isn’t so horrifically distant from Hochdeutsch (think Queen’s English, the kind that a non-native speaker would learn) that even simple stuff like buying a loaf of bread makes you want to curl up in the foetal position. Honestly, that doesn’t really leave much choice. Take Austria and Switzerland for example; really beautiful countries with friendly people, but a shame their accent is totally impenetrable! Living in the East, too, would be the equivalent of learning English by listening to Radio 4 and being dropped into an episode of Byker Grove. It’s quite a dilemma, but I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet, and quickly.

In other news, the Exec for the German Society has been really hard at work organising our tour for 2013; we’ve decided against going through a travel agent so we’re managing it all on our own. We’ll be really stressed out for the next few weeks but it should mean that [SECRET] 2013 will be viel Spaß!


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