We live in a modern world…

…where you’d think it reasonable for a globally-renowned institution like the British Council to have a half-decent application form. Well done, British Council, really excelled yourself on that one. Anyway. I’ve decided my choices for regions, namely Niedersachsen, Sachsen and Brandenburg. They’re all in northern Germany, 2 in the East and 1 in the West. Niedersachsen is my first choice, although from what I’ve heard it’s unlikely that I’ll be sent there anyway.

Hanover, a city in Niedersachsen which is my first choice of Bundesland.

On the British Council website it says that I have to be available from 1 September – 31 May. 1 September is in 10 months and 21 days or 23 weeks of term (21 excluding reading weeks). The one-way flight that will take me to Germany next year is probably already on sale and my future landlord is probably starting to think about who his next tenant will be. In other words, that creeping sense of nervous dread is growing, and it’s not the “talking about how scary it is because it’s a convenient bit of smalltalk for a language student” dread, it’s the real deal now! At least the landlord can’t be any worse than this year. (Hi Raj, you’re doing a great job, keep up the good work!)


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