Zähne zsmmnbßn!


Zähne zusammenbeißen – bite your teeth together

So I went for my checkup at the dentist today, which was fine. The scary bit was that I have to go back in 9 months rather than 6 because in 6 months’ time, I’ll be in Germany. In just over 4 months I’ll be leaving. 4 MONTHS. I should hopefully find out this month if I have a provisional place somewhere in Germany, and then early in the summer I’ll know some more of the specifics. Since my last post lots of the things that mean the time is nearly here have happened; German Soc’s tour to Hamburg has been and gone (and it was a bloody good trip if I don’t say so myself!), we’ve handed over to the new exec and the summer exams are rearing their ugly, 35% weighted heads. It’s all slightly less terrifying now; some days I actually look forward to it!


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