You learn something new every day…

Having moved around a bit in the past few years (when I start my final year of uni in September, my address will have changed 5 times in 4 years!), I’ve come to love the sense of discovery that comes in moving to a new place. This year has been no different – at first Leipzig was an absolute maze; during my first week I spent 55 minutes using the most convoluted route ever to get to the city hall to register as a resident. Six months down the line, I’m (thankfully) now aware that actually it’s only a 10-minute walk away! Despite now being reasonably familiar with Leipzig and its surroundings, there are always new things to see and it’s always quite exciting when you spot something new! Here’s some of the new discoveries I’ve made over the past couple of weeks:

1) That worrying about the temperature dropping to -5°C was horribly, horribly naïve!

This doesn't include windchill. It was a windy day.

This doesn’t include windchill. It was a windy day.

2) That Halle (the nearest major city), has its own Beatles museum. The town (whose unofficial motto according to one of the assistants is “crumbling DDR charm right on your doorstep!”) has absolutely nothing to do with the Beatles, but the people running it seem to be the ultimate fanboys. Fair play to them, it was surprisingly good fun!

The next best thing to annoying drivers on Abbey Road. Thanks to Ruth Gray for the picture!

The next best thing to annoying drivers on Abbey Road. Thanks to Ruth Gray for the picture!

3) That there are reminders of Leipzig’s former industrial glory everywhere. I’m not sure if the factories below closed after the fall of the Wall, as most did, but nevertheless they’re a very eerie reminder of how much has changed for this resilient city. They also kind of reminded me of the old steel work buildings at home in Corby, which, like Leipzig, has changed beyond imagination since the 1980s.

Lindenauer Hafen

Lindenauer Hafen

4) That even places you’re relatively familiar with sometimes have surprises. Sometimes they’re not even that hidden; instead of taking the tram to work today I walked a slightly different route, meaning I got to approach the street I usually go down from the side. This meant that I caught sight of these two buildings which, despite being beautiful, I’d never noticed before!

So those are my recent discoveries which (just about) provide an excuse to write this post. In the next couple of weeks I’m set to discover what it’s like to take a whole class on my own for an entire week; be in Paris for Valentine’s Day; what it’s like in Frankfurt and Marburg; and what it’s like to go back to university for the day. Needless to say that’s quite a lot, and as I’m going to be so busy it’ll be a good few weeks until I write about it. Until then, mach’s gut!

Edit: I’ve just remembered another discovery, or rather an affirmation of a discovery I made quite soon after moving to Germany: the weirdest of things can make you pine for home! This week, after having a bit of a theme tune marathon with some of the other assistants, the Radio 2 News jingle came up on my suggested feed on YouTube. For some reason, it suddenly got me very excited to be going home in a few weeks. God knows why, but I’m not complaining!


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