Über eine Brücke musst du gehen

One of the great things about saying yes to everything is that sometimes you find you actually enjoy things you always thought you hated. For me, karaoke has to be one of those things, mainly because it seems to have become the de facto port of call for the assistants when we go out. It’s unashamedly naff but fantastic fun, especially at 4am after a round of pfeffi. When the drunk Germans that are also there  aren’t singing badly-pronounced English stuff, or watching  Tough Guy Jack’s flawless performance of Parklife in awe, they tend to sing some absolute belters. By this I mean really naff Schlager songs, which given that the karaoke bar is so naff is a perfect fit.

Der absolute Party-Spaß: Absolute Party Fun. With a slogan that bad, it has to be good!

Der absolute Party-Spaß: Absolute Party Fun. With a slogan that bad, it has to be good!

One of my personal favourites is Über sieben Brücken musst du gehen (you must go over seven bridges), which never fails to make an appearance. Last weekend I tried to sing it, but apparently it’s reserved for the regulars with proven singing talent:

Moving on from seven bridges to one, a few weeks back I and the other assistants/Erasmus students made our final excursion to Saxon Switzerland, a mountain range near Dresden and the German/Czech border. I really can’t do it justice, but hopefully these pictures can. The view of the bridge was absolutely spectacular as you can see!

A few weeks prior had seen me meeting with some friends from uni for a little tour of the area surrounding Lake Constance. This was my first time in the south of Germany and even if the locals had a bit of a weird accent (yes, I’m aware that I live in Saxony and I’m hardly one to talk), it certainly didn’t disappoint. Konstanz, one of the main cities on the German side of the lake, had a really nice Olde Worlde charm about it, and Meersburg even more so!

Even now as I approach the end of my year abroad, Germany seems to have a habit of luring me into a false sense of being completely at ease here, and then smashing that confidence apart at a moment’s notice. This trip was no different; on a trip to a flower island called Mainau, the following queuing system developed:

Give me strength!

Give me strength!

That is, to be exact, a complete lack of any system. My furious British stares which were practically burning holes in the back of the head of the guy stood in front of me went unnoticed, and the mob continued to inch forward to get their tickets. Germany, you have much to learn!

In what was a very busy week, we also took a day trip to Zürich in Switzerland. It was a common theme for the week, but it’s a fantastic city as well, if astronomically expensive. Like Konstanz, it’s on the edge of a lake which makes for some nice pictures. My only tiny complaint would be that it’s in Switzerland, which means they speak Schwyzerduutsch (Schweizerdeutsch if you speak German properly, Swiss German if you speak English). Now I’ve been studying German for just short of 10 years and I live in a part of the country notorious for its difficult accent, but despite the odd “smile and nod” situation in the staff room from time to time, I get by. In Switzerland, however, I didn’t understand a single word which was a little disconcerting! Apart from that though, a good time was had, especially given that it was maybe the first day of the year where the weather was good enough for sunbathing:

So that brings us up to the middle of May-ish, which can only mean one thing; my next post will in all likelihood be the last post of the year! I’ll save all the soppy stuff for next time, but until then mach’s gut!


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